Friday, 31 January 2014

iPhone 6 to Come With Solar Screen

Looks like the iPhone 6 rumours are in full swing now! Right after news of the iPhone 6 display already being finalised, comes news that the display will sport self-charging solar panel. Cool right? But no, don’t get excited already and read the complete news with a pinch of salt.
According to Matt Margolis, an analyst writing for Seeking Alpha, the next iPhone will come with a sapphire glass display which will be embedded with solar panels to charge the smartphone on the go. Multiple patents filed by Apple in the past year support his claim.
Early last year, Apple had filed a patent for solar panels in touch sensors. The company later unveiled the mystery stating that the touch panel came equipped with a power mamagement system that would use the power of the embedded solar panels to charge up the display. Considering the display is what uses maximum of your smartphone battery, a solar-powered display panel could considerably reduce the strain on your standard battery, helping the phone stay powered longer.
Apart from the solar panels, reports also state that the display will not be the regular glass display but instead a sapphire glass screen. The sapphire screen will definitely up the premium quotient and improve durability.
Apple is clearly leaning more towards innovations and the ‘wow’ factor rather than hard-core hardware improvements for the iPhones. Will it work? We shall let time tell. For now, our pans are full with salt-grains for all the Apple rumours! 

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